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Fire Ants

Due to rain and cooler temperatures, Fire Ant treatment has been rescheduled to next Saturday, November 6th at 9:00 AM.  Anyone wishing to help, please come to the entrance around 9 AM.

Are you tired of the damage caused by Fire Ants in your lawn?  Are you ready to regain some lost ground?

The Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association will be participating in a neighborhood fire ant program and go to battle against fire ants!
Getting together to treat entire neighborhoods with fire ant bait has many advantages:

Very low cost, the association is purchasing bait and  spreaders for us all to share
Very low toxicity (safe for pets, birds, kids)
Reduction in pesticides applied by up to 75%
Large managed area is difficult for fire ants to re-invade

On October 30th at 8:00a.m., we will be meeting at the entrance to start the application process.  We need your participation in order for this to be successful!  Please do the following things:

1.     Print and complete your paperwork and tape it to your door. (Click here for a copy of the paperwork.)  If you are not home or you don't put your paperwork out, we will pass up your yard.
2.     Plan to participate on October 30th by volunteering to help collect paperwork or spread bait. Come to the entrance, Please call Tom Conner to volunteer or leave e-mail. We need the help.
3.     Treat your own yard with bait you can pick up and a spreader furnished by the neighborhood.  It takes about 10 minutes per yard.

You are welcome to call with questions, Lisa Lennon at the Extension office: 708-4797.