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Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association Minutes September 20, 1999

A Meeting was held on Monday Sept 20. Over 50 adults attended and about 35 houses paid their dues.  The Membership drive begins now.  If you did not pay at the meeting, please bring your $15 check (or cash) to 1222 Leah (Rodney's House) and leave in the box by the front door THIS WEEK. Put your name, address, phone number on it. Forms will be available if you lost

The Meeting:
We had Pizza
We discussed SH130 and the formation of a group multi neighborhood group called BEST (Better Economic and Safe Transportation) to champion our position on having SH130 follow an easterly path.  We discussed the Rusk and Berkman developments and how they impact our neighborhood.

The meeting was opened at 7:15

We had a guest speaker, Lisa Lennon from Tx Agricultural Extension who educated us on Fire Ant Control.  October 30 was selected as a neighborhood treatment day.  We will be purchasing chemicals and setting up a neighborhood wide treatment.  (See related link on the links page)

We went over bylaw changes and they were approved.

We elected officers and they are:

Rodney Howard - President - Leah Lane
Michele Messina - VP - Joshua Cove
Vicki Barber - Secretary - Jennifer
Teresa Klabunde - Treasurer - Jordan ln
Tom Conner - Information officer. Rolling Ridge Drive
Gina Schobinger and Cindy Cook - Co Chairs of the Activity committee - both
live on Leah.

Congratulations to those individuals and thank you for their willingness to serve.

The Associations new web site is

Please go there and check it out. Give your feedback to Tom.

Finally, membership drive begins now. Please bring your $15 to 1222 Leah Lane if you have not paid yet. Do it this week please. Next week we will start door to door.  Encourage your neighbors to join. Offer to bring their checks over.  We appreciate all of your help.  Thanks.