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Fall 2002                                                Volume 5, Issue  2

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

  This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development via our new “take one”. Please help us build our membership. Pass along this copy, or request additional copies for our new neighbors. Please contact, Tom Conner @ 244-3115, Phil Dallek @ 244-6966, Michael Friedman @ 828-4155, Johnese Evans @ 310-9787 or Dianne Shadle @ 248-9414 for registration.

Neighborhood Watch info

The September 10, 2002 kickoff meeting at Peter Piper Pizza was a success.  93 people attended with 41 households represented.  The next step will be a meeting October 1st for the Block Captains with Police Senior Sergeant Pierce.  After that meeting, the block captains will be contacting families in their areas with detailed information.  If you were unable to attend the kickoff meeting or have any questions, call me.  I can let you know who your Block Captain is and how you can participate.  Let's all help to make our neighborhood safe and neighborly. Please contact me for more information.
Dianne Shadle
1110 Jordan Lane

Minutes: Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association, Tuesday, September 10, 2002

First I'd like to apologize for the lack of minutes from our last meeting on May the 13th. Since we were without a scribe to actually take written notes I thought I'd relay on my trusty old minicoder. Well needless to say it is old and not so trusty anymore. I did try to pull as much as possible from memory, but that to is less than perfect. Folks while I'd like to say this won't happen again I can't promise that. We need help in this area.

That leads me to my point…..ANY help you can offer WILL BE APPREACITED. You don't have to be an “official” member of the board to assist. We simply need volunteers to “do a little bit” each, rather than 2 or 3 who do it all….any takers?
Now back to the minutes.

September 10, 2002
Location: Peter Piper Pizza
Call to order
Tom Conner, our association president called the meeting of the RRNA was to order at 7:02 pm.
He began by extending a big thanks to everyone for showing up tonight.
Tom then presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Rodney Howard, former president of the association.
Past minutes
Unfortunately Tom had to inform the homeowners present that he was unable to share minutes with them from last meeting due to technical problems encountered during the last association meeting.
Diane was called on to deliver the Treasurer report and she also presented the budget. She presented expenses dating from May 13-September 10, 2002. Tom next discussed the proposed increase in dues. This would move us from $15.00 a year to $20.00 a year.
The increase was mainly projected to help with       the upkeep of the Rolling Ridge Monuments at  the front of the subdivision. Tom did ask for  volunteers that might be willing to assist with upkeep of the monument and landscaping assistance as an alternative to raising association dues. In a unanimous vote homeowners passed the increase to $20.00 a year.
Residents were told that the block captains will be collecting dues starting in October.
Tom then stressed the importance of becoming members of the neighborhood association.
Association Business
Tom shared that we are still in need of members for the executive committee. The positions are Vice President (now filled!) and Secretary. He also shared that Johnese Evans has officially accepted the Activity Chair position which was open. Additionally one of our new neighbors Michael Friedman decided to take the Vice Presidents position on the spot!
Please join us in welcoming these 2 folks to their new positions.
We went on to discuss the surveys. We asked homeowners to take one and fill it out so we can get their feedback.
Phil and Tom discussed the fee structure for advertisements in the neighborhoods newsletter. Homeowners were encouraged to visit the table in the back and pick-up a flyer explaining the entire fee structure for members and non-members.
Take one boxes

Phil showed homeowners the new clear information boxes which will house the newsletters and others important flyers. These boxes will be placed near each mailbox only when there is a new newsletter or other important neighborhood business.

When you see the boxes please check them for the latest information.
Phil and Tom also explained that the newsletter can also be found online for those who prefer this viewing option.

Christmas lights

Tom reminded those present the Christmas lights competition will be judged by the local fire department, and there will be 1st and 2nd place winners each receiving a restaurant gift certificate.

September 11th remembrance

One of the children asked if the neighborhood would be doing anything special in memory of September 11, 2002. The answer unfortunately was "no", however Phil encouraged everyone to come to the Dell Diamond that evening where the City of Round Rock was holding a special event. He pointed out that flyers were available on the back table with a schedule of events for that evening.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Lastly, Tom passed the microphone on to Sgt Pierce the representative of the Round Rock Police Department who had come out to discuss the Neighborhood Crime Watch with the homeowners. Sergeant Pierce was assisted by Officer Rey Rodriguez.  Details about the watch will be disseminated by the newly elected block captains as it becomes available. See the note above.

Our Web Page

Please follow this web link for the latest minutes.  Printed copies will be available at the new take one boxes as well.

What am I getting for my membership dues?

Well this is a question we have asked ourselves .and decided needed to be answered.
Did you know we (the association) pay for the monuments to be lighted?
We produce a newsletter to help keep everyone informed.
We hold various activities. Like the Easter egg hunt, Candidate forum, Christmas lights contest, and Garage and links sale.
Did you know we paid for the paint and supplies that your neighbors used to make the entry fence look GREAT!
We are sponsoring the new neighborhood watch.
Did you know you can advertise in the newsletter for FREE!
Please remember, without your dues none of this happens. Block captains will begin collecting dues starting in October.

CITY information resources on the web
Some helpful web links

City of Round Rock Texas Welcome Page


Food Drive
Dear Neighbors,
As you may well know this year has been extremely difficult for many Round Rock families. As lay-offs and the sluggish economy make feeding a family a challenge for many residents. The Round Rock serving center has increased its load by 50% over last year at this same time. Empty shelves often await those who do qualify for assistance, and even the Austin Food Banks resources are exhausted.
What can I do to help?
We have decided to assist the Woods HOA and the SouthCreek HOA, who have organized a citywide food drive on November 16th.
What we need.
Non perishable food items such as.. Canned food, Boxed items, Rice, Beans, Cereal, etc……
We will be distributing bags to each house for your items. You can simply put the bag near your front door, and we will pick it up. Even if you have but one item to give….please help.
If you would like to help with gathering these items please contact Phil @ 255-3461.

Be a Writer
Tell your neighbors what you think

If you would like to submit anything for the next newsletter, please forward a request via e-mail it to this link Rolling Ridge mail link.
This could be anything of interest you'd like to share.
What interesting things are happening around the neighborhood, or around town? Perhaps you'd like to write your own review about a local restaurant, or a great place to take the family on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Did you find a “real gem” around town that others may have missed? We'd like to hear from you.
You may submit anything you would like to add to the newsletter. However we do reserve the right to refuse any material not considered appropriate.

RRNA on the Web

The neighborhood association has its own web page. To view it, visit the following address.
click here

E-mail us at
This is a great way to update your contact information. Also you can submit anything for the “be a writer” above.

Upcoming City Events

Please see the City's web site at for more information on these events:
October 5  Coats for Kids --
October 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday, October 13, Free October Concert at Central Green at La Frontera
October 25 Dungeon of Terror 7 to 11:30 p.m.
October 31, Fall Fun Festival 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Clay Madsen Recreation Center October 19, Noon-7 p.m. Hairy Man Festival at Cat Hollow Park. Call 512-248-8377
November 2, Austin Family Festival at John B. Connally High School (I-35 and Parmer), a fun day for all family members with rides, contests, music, dance and much more
Dec. 13 Christmas Family Night 7 p.m. Downtown Main Street

Upcoming RRNA Events
November 16th  Food Drive. Please HELP!
RRNA meeting & Christmas PARTY !
2nd week of December. (Date and details to be determined)
Week of December 21st Holiday lights will be judged

Current Officers

President - Tom Conner
Vice President - Michael Friedman
Treasurer - Dianne Shadle
Information officer - Phil Dallek
Secretary - vacant (please help)
Neighborhood Activity Chair - Johnese Evans

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