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November 1998

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

Association members review city's new transportation master plan
 Association members attending the November 2 meeting had an opportunity to review several maps provided by the city transportation department.  These maps provided citizens an opportunity to view key components of the new transportation master plan.  Most notable to residents of Rolling Ridge is the removal of SH130 from its previous W2 right of way just to the west of the development.  In the city's new plan they propose this bypass be aligned with FM 685 to the east of the city limits.  
While the city's new plan does include a north-south arterial road in the area previously identified as W2, it will be a 4-lane road similar to Wells Branch Parkway in North Austin.  Residents of Rolling Ridge should also be comforted to know that in the city's new plan no roadway would be constructed to the west of the neighborhood until at least 2007.  A section of this new road will be constructed prior to this time frame but will connect with Double Creek Boulevard.  The plan also calls for a new north-south arterial connecting Gattis School Road with FM1460.  This should be good news to parents of students attending Hopewell Middle school and the new high school as it will provide a more direct route to reach these campuses.  
The city's Planning and Zoning commission must approve the new plan before the city council receives it for approval.  It is important to note that even with council approval, TX-DOT and the Texas Turnpike Authority have the final decision on the alignment of SH130.   
The new plan also includes a network of hike and bike trails throughout the city, which will provide scenic trails along major creeks and parkways within the city.
Anyone interested in more information on the
revised plan should contact the city's Transportation Engineer, Tom Word.  There is also information on the city's web page at  

Membership drive ends soon.

The annual drive to sign up members for the association will draw to a close by the end of November.  This will be the last hand-delivered newsletter since future issues will be mailed to all current members of the association.
If you have not already joined we encourage you to sign up.  Annual dues are only $15 which not only funds this newsletter but many other activities for our neighborhood residents.  It also funds the maintenance of our entry-way monuments and the electricity to keep the lights on.  This is a benefit to all residents of the neighborhood.
Please contact one of the following individuals  to sign up:
Rodney Howard - 255-6306
Vickie Bean - 246-8546
Teresa LeTourneau -238-0278
Isabel Gallahan  --244-6755
Craig McClure - 310-2894
With the busy holiday's right around the corner why not do this today so you won't forget!

Voter registration errors discovered during November election

Due to a clerical error by Williamson County Election officials, 17 of the registered voters residing in Rolling Ridge were incorrectly listed on the rolls as living outside of city limits.
 As a result of this error these individuals received ballots which did not include the 2 propositions which were so controversial during the election.
County Voter Registrar spokesman John Willingham blamed the problem on a clerical error during the street indexing process.  The flawed database has now been corrected and all streets within Rolling Ridge are coded properly as within the city limits of Round Rock.

Neighborhood committee activity increases

The Rolling Ridge neighborhood association has formed several committees to handle a variety of tasks.  The executive committee is please with the diligent efforts of those neighbors who have dedicated the time and effort to work on these committees.  Association President Rodney Howard provided a review of the activities of these committees at the November 2nd meeting.  The following is a summary of that information:

Landscape --

This group has worked for the past few months to make our entryway as attractive as it has ever been.  All of the monument lighting has been repaired.  Pansies were planted recently and daffodil bulbs will be planted soon to support Round Rock Daffodil Days.  We have also made contact with the city to inquire about planting trees along the outside of the main fence on Gattis School Road.

Fundraising --

In conjunction with the Fall Garage Sale held October 24, barbecue link and bake sales were held.  Many of our neighbors graciously donated food and time.  We had a 50% increase in funds raised compared to the spring 98 sale with $217 being raised for the association.  This committee will review the feasibility of some sort of fundraising booth at local festivals.  Are the kids in the neighborhood willing to wash cars or do something to raise money to help pay for an even bigger end of the school year party?

Political --

This group worked very hard over the past few months.  On November 3rd, Round Rock had a record voter turnout of 12,179 votes cast.  The previous record was 3,541 set during the August `97 election when the half-cent sales tax increase was on the ballot.  Our precinct's ballot box registered 1115 ballots during the election process.  There are 320 registered voters residing in Rolling Ridge.  The political committee will continue its work to register more voters and to keep our neighborhood informed on important voting issues.  SH130 is still our key issue.  The route for SH130 has not been finalized and we still need to press our elected officials and remain very active and involved.

Activity --

A fall garage sale was held.  Participation was not heavy and this may become a spring-only event.  The few remaining baked goods were donated to the Fellowship Church Sunday school classes.  A call for volunteer's to help with the City's annual historic home tour in December was made at the meeting.  
There will be a holiday lighting contest in December with members of the Round Rock Fire Department station 4 judging the entrants.  They will cruise the neighborhood, in their firetruck, on the evening of December 12 between 7 and 8 PM.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Notes from the President:
By Rodney Howard, Association President.
I want to begin by thanking everyone for all of their charity and hard work.  This Association is still developing.  We have done a lot but there is still much to do.
This volunteer Association is like any relationship.  You get out of it what you put unto it.  If you are not a member, I am asking you to please join today.  Your neighbors are working hard for you and can use your support.  If you are already a member and the association is not fulfilling your needs, come to the meetings and share your needs so they can be identified and addressed.  We have 5 committees and they can always use a fresh perspective.

(Notes from the President continued from page 2)

We all know that the Association is not for everyone.  Some folks are not comfortable in groups.  Some feel there is no value in it.  Some say, "why bother, there is nothing I can do that will make a difference."  I would like to share my opinion.  One person can make a difference.  We have made huge strides with respect to SH130.  It makes me feel good when I help my friends, my neighbors and my family.   It has been great meeting and getting to know many folks in Rolling Ridge.  They are all great people.
Please consider becoming active and supporting your Association in whatever manner you can.  Try it and find out for yourself that the person who will benefit the most is you.

Upcoming neighborhood and City events:

City Council meeting - Tuesday, November 24
City Council meeting - Thursday, December 10
City Historic Homes tour - Saturday, December 12
Neighborhood Holiday Lighting Contest - Saturday, December 12, 7 to 8 PM
Association Meeting - Monday, January 4, 1999 The Fellowship Church, on Gattis.   6:30 PM

Crime Report
Officer Robbie Cline, Community Policing officer for the Rolling Ridge neighborhood provided a call report for the neighborhood for the period September through November 9, 1998.  A summary of these calls follows:
Residential alarm, false
Medical assist
Hang up 911
Suspicious person
Reckless Driving
Fireworks ordinance violation     
Traffic Stop
7 calls
7 calls
1 call
2 calls
5 calls
1 call
1 call
1 call
1 call
Please note that Officer Cline will attend our next association meeting on Monday January 4,1999.