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April 1999
Newsletter, Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association April 99

The Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 3rd at 7:30 PM at the Church across from the neighborhood.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend. This will be the last meeting before we enter into the summer vacation. We are not planning any meetings this summer.

Free Dinner and Meet the Candidates
The Association is sponsoring a FREE BBQ DINNER at BOB's BBQ in Round Rock on Friday April 16th. The activity will begin at 6:30 PM.  All Association members are invited.  RSVP's are Needed.  Please RSVP today.  RSVP by calling Rodney Howard, President, and leave a message on his recorder at 255-6306 or E-mail him at
The Association has invited all of the Round Rock City Council candidates and the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees candidates.  All 10 candidates have confirmed receipt of our invitation and all have responded indicating that they will be attending.  So come have dinner with your neighbors and meet the folks that want to run your city and your schools.

Early voting is April 14th through April 27th. On the 14 thru 23rd you may vote between 8am to 5pm at City Hall or the RRISD Admin Building on 620. On Saturday the 24th, voting is from 8am to noon at the RRISD Administration Building. And finally on the 26th and 27, voting is from 8am to 7pm at City Hall and the RRISD Admin. Building.
Regular voting will be Saturday, May 1st. from 7am to 7pm at Gattis Elementary School.

Easter Egg Hunt
No Easter Egg hunt was held for the children this year due to lack of volunteers.

Neighborhood Garage Sale
There will not be a Spring Neighborhood Garage Sale this year.  We did a sale in the Spring of 98 and a Fall 98 sale and decided that the Spring Sale generated the most homeowner participation.  We will not hold a sale this spring but we will plan for a big sale next spring in the year 2000.

End of School Year Party
An end of the year, after school party is anticipated and plans will be made at the next meeting in May.  It will be somewhat downscaled from last years activity in that we will not have a dunking booth.  We hope to be able to have pizza and softdrinks for the kids of the last day of school in one of the cul-de-sacs.  The last day of school is Thursday, May 21st.

Spring Clean-Up Week
Residents may place items out with their Monday -- Thursday or Tuesday -- Friday trash pick-up times for Round Rock Refuse.

Large items such as appliances will be picked up as long as they do not contain freon. Scrap metal, wood, furniture & other bulky items are to be place neatly at the curbside. No hazardous waste, oil, household chemicals, paint, pesticides or construction debris will be picked up.

Hazardous Waste Pickup
Waste oil may be brought to one of our waste oil sites located at the Deepwood Recycling center, Public Works site at 300 South Blair or 1992 Rawhide. Tree limbs or brush piles will not be picked up.

Brush Pick Up
Round Rock residents may take their brush to the Deepwood site at no cost or Public Works has a brush pick-up service for a fee charged to your water bill.

For information call Public Works Department at 218-5555

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

In Round Rock -- Take Westinghouse exit off 1-35
9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

For information call Round Rock Environmental Service Department at 218-5559

On Saturday, April 10th, at 4pm, several folks from local neighborhoods will be meeting with the Sierra Club to view the SH130 right of ways.  The meeting will actually be a tour and discussion.  The tour and information gathering session has been requested by the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club in a nationally known organization that seeks to protect our environment.  They are concerned about SH130 and it's potential impact.  The session will begin promptly at 4 pm at the home of Rodney Howard, your association president.  His address is 1222 Leah Lane. If you would like to join in come to his home at 4 pm this Saturday.  It is of benefit to us to gather as much support for our desire to move this freeway as possible. Also, the environment impact study has just been released.  If you would like to help review and critique the document contact Rodney Howard or Joe Gorney at 246-3963.

Blueprints have been obtained that detail the area along Gattis School Road and the City's newly hired Forester has been contacted to begin preparing plans for the beautification of the grassy area in front of the neighborhood. Hopefully a 2 to 3 year plan will be developed that we can look forward to implementing sometime in the fall.
A note from your president:
I received a letter from a homeowner and association member a few days ago. They wanted to express concerns about dogs and cats. We can all take a moment to reflect on how our actions impact others, no matter how innocent those actions may appear.

A letter from a neighbor concerning Cats and Dogs
…We own 2 dogs, and yes while they may bark we do tell them to be quiet. Usually they bark when the dogs behind us bark, or when our neighbors' cats are on the fence.  My complaint is that a man had his dog on a leash and he was letting the dog defecate in our front yard. I told him that I did not appreciate this.  He apologized, of course, and said he would come back and pick it up later. I doubt he will. This is not the first time we've found dog droppings in our front yard.
In addition, we are tired of people letting their cats run wild and using flower beds as litter boxes.  People spend a lot of time and money to keep their front yards presentable.  Cats owners should be more responsible.  We don't let dogs run around without a leash, why should cats? I have 2 dogs and never have I let them run wild or defecate in other peoples' yards, even when we've taken them for walks.  Thank you for your attention concerning this matter.