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Spring / Summer 1999

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

Association Officer Elections and membership renewals at September meeting

This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development.  All residents of Rolling Ridge are encouraged to attend the September meeting (Date to be announced later).  Membership renewals and applications will be accepted at this meeting.  Watch for signs at the entrances announcing the time and place.  The association plans on providing hot dogs at this meeting.

Rodney Howard reminds all members that all officer positions will be open in September.  Those interested in serving their community should consider seeking one of these positions.  
Additionally Rodney wants to make members aware that he is ineligible to be re-elected during the next fiscal year.  This is due to association by-laws that limit officers to 2 consecutive years of holding the same office.
The following officer positions will be open for the new fiscal year beginning in September

Information Officer

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact one of the current officers.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor of the next meeting as well.

Preliminary analysis of Environmental Impact Statement shows Hwy 130 to be elevated at Rolling Ridge
The following information was provided by Anne Gorney, resident of Round Rock Ranch.
This past semester, I had the opportunity to become familiar with portions of the Preliminary Draft EIS for SH130. I wanted to pass along a few of the many disturbing points in this document.
The EIS says much the same thing as the MIS. In other words, the recommended routing has not changed: TxDOT still wants SH130 on W2. In general, the EIS lists the impacts, albeit understated, but then weights the various routes so that all are equal. TxDOT then reverts to flawed logic to select the route it wants (sound familiar?). Also be aware that the EIS states that SH130 WILL BE ELEVATED between Round Rock Ranch and Rolling Ridge.

Here is some of the information from the EIS:

· At Trinity Baptist Church, "[n]oise levels will approach, equal or exceed the Leq [steady state noise] of 67 dB"
· Immediately adjacent to the Round Rock Ranch and Rolling Ridge subdivisions, SH 130 will be elevated to "cross the proposed Double Creek Parkway and avoid areas in the floodplain…It does not appear that sufficient vegetation will remain intact to hide the roadway." For both subdivisions, "[n]oise levels will approach, equal or exceed the Leq of 67 dB"
· "The roadway will be elevated in proximity to the South Creek Subdivision and Palm Valley Lutheran Church as it crosses US 79 and the Union Pacific Railroad. Due to the elevation of the roadway, residents of South Creek Subdivision will experience a visual intrusion. Noise levels will exceed the Leq of 67 dB at this location…[D]ue to the height of the elevated crossing, the road may be visible from the church grounds and the parking lot" (EIS, 185).

Despite severe impacts, TxDOT downplays their significance and states the following in the Social/Community Effects portion of the EIS: "The project is not expected to adversely affect the cohesion of communities or neighborhoods in the study area. Depending on the alternative chosen, several subdivisions may experience indirect impacts of noise and visual intrusion" (EIS, xviii).

Everyone's work in the past year (Senator Ogden, the transportation plan, etc) is not reflected in this document at all.

State Hwy 130 Project update

Mr. David Koop, Director of the State Hwy 130 Project office, provided the following information regarding the current status of the Environmental Impact Statement and upcoming public hearings.

The Texas Turnpike Authority Division (TTA) of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Environmental Affairs Division (ENV) of TxDOT all reviewed a preliminary draft environmental impact statement (PDEIS) for Segment A of
SH 130 in March. To date we have not received a PDEIS for Segments B and C of SH 130.
Since that meeting we have decided to combine the  Segment A and B DEIS's into one document, and we are in the process of making the decision of whether to add Segment C as well.
These changes will mean that the PDEIS for SH 130, all 89 miles, will be submitted in November of 1999; the public hearings will occur in March of 2000; and a Record of Decision will occur in September of 2000.

Neighborhood Association hosts Candidates dinner & forum
Rolling Ridge Neighborhood association hosted a barbecue dinner and candidate forum on Friday April 16, 1999 at Bob's Barbecue here in Round Rock.  
The following candidates for the City Council and School Board were in attendance and were allowed to state their positions and field audience questions.
Unopposed Mayoral candidate Robert Stluka
City Council Place 4
Incumbent - Earl Palmer
Ken Lounsbury

School Board Place 1
Incumbent - Jackie Burkey
Efrain Davilla

School Board Place 3
Incumbent - Gaye Arnold
Rick Thompson

School Board Place 6
Incumbent - Eric Whitfield
Steve Elkins

This was an excellent opportunity for members to meet candidates and ask questions of those current elected representatives and those seeking office.

Association's May meeting notes
May's meeting of the association focused on the following issues:
1.    End of the school year party for the students of the neighborhood.  Pizza provided by the association, and home-cooked cookies and cupcakes were the choices by the small representation at this meeting.  
The party was held on the afternoon of May 20 in the Jordan Court area.  Volunteers handed out helium filled balloons to the children.
2.    Cancellation of the July meeting
Members present agreed the July meeting should be cancelled due to the summer holiday and the lagging attendance during the school year.  
The next meeting will be held on September 7, 1999
3.    Trees for the right of way along Gattis School        
4.    Development of a web page
Neighborhood committee
A report of the various committees of the association follows:
Landscape --  The entry monument shows the results of the hard work of the landscape committee.  Gladiola's continue to bloom.
Special thanks to Ed Linder for mowing the entry way and the grass along Gattis School road all the way to the western edge of the subdivision.

No other committee's filed reports at the May meeting

Notes from the President:
By Rodney Howard, Association President.

This is the last letter for this fiscal year
for the neighborhood association. We will have Officer elections at our first meeting of the new year in September. I have always been interested in our schools. Since my second child is entering into the system I felt it was time to become more involved with the PTA. I have accepted the offer to be the Chairman of the Community Liaison Committee. If you are also interested in becoming more involved give me a call. I am sure we can work out something that will be of interest to you. I was also recently elected by the city to serve on their Charter Review Commission.

In other words, I have committed a great deal of my personal time to activities other than the
Neighborhood Association.

According to our Bylaws, I am not be eligible for re-election. The same is also true for Teresa, our treasurer..  We must have folks willing to take over these slots. The executive committee will meet this summer and attempt to make recommendations for
new officers for the FY99-2000 business year. If you are interested in serving, please contact me and we will place your name on the list of folks willing to serve. I have enjoyed getting to know many of my neighbors and look forward to continuing those relationships. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your president.
Upcoming neighborhood and City events:
July 4, 7:30+, Old Settler's Park
Independence Day Fireworks & Watermelon Fest

Early September
Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association meeting
October 1 & 2

Frontier Days & Cowboy Jubilee (moved from its July date,) Downtown Round Rock, Old Settler's Park

Curbside Recycling Program now available
Round Rock Refuse, Inc. is now offering an Optional Curbside Recycling program.  
The program, started in May, will cost $3.70 + tax per month, billed quarterly, by Round Rock Refuse, inc.  Program participants will be provided with an 18 gallon recycle bin and weekly pick-up on one of their two regular collection days.
Items to be collected will include: Newspapers, magazines, steel, tin, aluminum cans, Plastics (i.e., milk jugs, soda, and water bottles). Glass and Cardboard are not being recycled at this time due to breakage and bulk.
Interested residents should call Round Rock Refuse at 255-4980.

Neighborhood Volunteers

The following residents serve their community by volunteering their time in a variety of ways.
Gina Schobinger of 1026 Leah Lane is the chairman for the Forest Creek PTA Teacher Appreciation committee.
Bill Atchley of 1106 Jordan Lane is the new Scoutmaster for Cub Scout pack 404 based out of Forest Creek Elementary
Pattie Goode of 1025 Leah Lane will serve as den leader for the Webolos 1 den of Pack 404.
Suzy McClure of 1220 Leah Lane will serve her third year as the leader of Girl Scout Troop 384.
Isabel Gallahan has accepted an appointment to serve on the City's Ethics Commission.
Mike Jones coached an under-9 girls soccer team in the Round Rock Soccer Association league.
Brenda Howard coached an under-5 girls soccer team in the Round Rock Soccer Association.  She also serves as the treasurer on the RRSA board.

Thank you all for your devotion and support of your neighborhood and community.

Miscellaneous . . .

Special thoughts and prayers to the Pelliecia family of Jordan Lane.  Debbie and her daughter were on the American Airlines flight that crashed upon landing in Little Rock last month.  She and her family are doing well.

Attention: Stay-at-home moms!

If you are interested in joining an informal play group, contact Susan Cooper at 310-7167.

School Bells . . .

Will ring again Wednesday, August 11.

Forest Creek Elementary will host a "Meet the Teacher" and get your school supplies night on Monday, August 9.  Call 464-5000 in early August for more details.

Kindergarten Orientation is Tuesday, August 10 from 8 to 9 AM.

For more information please contact the following

Forest Creek Elementary, grades K through 5
3805 Forest Creek Dr., RR, 78664-6284
Phone: 512.464.5350

Hopewell Middle School, grades 6 through 8
1901 Sunrise Rd., RR, 78664-2349
Phone: 512.464.5200

Stony Point Senior High School
Grades 9 through 12,      
1801 Bowman Dr., RR 78664-4530
Phone: 512.428.7000