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Fall 1999

     Fall 1999     Volume 2,  

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development.  Future issues will be limited to paid members. All residents of Rolling Ridge are encouraged to either renew your membership or join as a new member. If you have not joined, please contact Rodney Howard at 255-6306.

Association officers nominated and elected during September meeting

Approximately 50 residents attended the September Rolling Ridge Neighborhood association meeting on Monday September 20. Hungry appetites were appeased by pizza.  The meeting began with a discussion on the current status of State Highway 130, development plans for the Rusk tract (east of Rolling Ridge), and entry-monument landscape revision plans.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Lisa Lennon of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service regarding control of fire ants.  See the following article for more information on this topic.

Other agenda items covered during this meeting included  a review of the proposed by-law changes and nomination/election of new officers.  

This process resulted in the following:

President - Rodney Howard
Vice President - Michele Messina
Treasurer - Teresa Klabunde
Information officer --Tom Conner
Secretary - Vicky Barber
Neighborhood Activity Chair - Co-chaired by Gina Schobinger and Cindy Cook.

Neighborhood plans coordinated effort to fight fire ants

Ms. Lisa Lennon with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service spoke at the September meeting on the concept of fire ant control.  She cited examples of successful attempts by other neighborhoods to battle these pests.  She went on to explain the "Texas Two-step Method", a do-it-yourself fire ant control program for homes and neighborhood.  

The first step is to broadcast a fire ant bait-a product containing a food plus an insecticide-over the entire yard.  The bait will entice the worker ants to pick it up and carry it back to the colony and eventually share it with the queen.  

Baits, although slow acting, are efficient and will eventually result in a mass-destruction of the colonies.

Step two of this process is the direct application of insecticide to existing mounds.  When used according to directions this method is effective in spot treating these mounds.  Applied together both methods should effectively control fire ants for up to 1 year.  

The neighborhood association is sponsoring a fire-ant control program scheduled for Saturday, October 30.  See the attached permission forms for details.  Volunteers will apply the ant bait on this day unless weather conditions are unfavorable.  Speaking of volunteers . . . Anyone wishing to volunteer to assist should contact Tom Conner at 244-3115 or by e-mail to

Landscaping Update

Plans are proceeding with landscaping of the grassy area along Gattis School Road.  James David, owner of Garden's in Austin, came to our neighborhood and made recommendations at no cost. We took those recommendations and met with Dean Caramanidis, the City Forester with Park and Rec. Dean liked out recommendations has made an offer to assist with labor, plants and water.

The city is offering to buy 1 plant for each plant that the association buys. The plants being considered are 15 gallon White Crepe Myrtles and 15 gallon Chinquapin Oaks. Expected cost of the plants are $40 each.  Dean offered to bring out a back hoe and dig all of the holes.  He also offered to get us a key to the fire hydrant if we could get hoses and water the new plants for the first year or 2.  This means we would not have any water expense.

He also suggested that we try to get a coordinated effort with our association volunteers, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to have a planting day.  Parks & Rec would come out and supervise and provide refreshments.

Our planting window is now through the end of February. We will need to make plans to determine how many plants we can afford to purchase with association funds.  I would also like to ask for some of you to consider adopting a tree (make a donation to buy 1).  This may help us reach our goal more quickly and not have to phase in over a multi year period.  Scout Leaders and plant conscious people, we must have your help to make this a success. Please call 255-6306 so we can get started now while the city is willing to give so much help.

Notes from the President:
By Rodney Howard, Association President.

I would like to start by saying congratulations to the new officers. I'm sure you will find your experience rewarding.
I would also like to say thank you for all of your support to the many folks in this neighborhood that gave of their time and energy to help themselves and their neighbors through the association, this past year.
Just a reminder. the association itself does nothing.  It is the members of the association that do everything and they do a lot without compensation.  With your participation, either time or money, we can all benefit in a much greater way.  
If you have not joined yet, now is the time. We will continue to collect dues through October.
Join today. Participate. Make a difference.

Update on the Rusk Development
There was a meeting on October 19th between the developer of the Rusk tract and area residents.  The Rusk tract is located just east of Rolling Ridge and includes the land behind the fire station and the old cow field beyond Rusk Rd.  In addition to several hundred homes, RRISD is planning a new middle school near Gattis School Rd. on this land.  Access to the school (and the elementary school planned east of the middle school) will be on a new road to be put in just west of Bradford Park.  There will be a ball field at the school as well as a cafeteria which will cook meals for other schools as well.  Access from Rusk Rd. will only include the cafeteria facility.  If RRISD gets the bonds they are trying to have voted on next February, they may start construction of the middle in April (or as soon as the developer constructs the new road) to be opened for the 2001 - 2002 school year.  Houses in the subdivision will backup to Rusk and none will front Rusk or have access to Rusk!
..  Also, the developer is trying to make Rusk a dead-end that will not access to the new Forest Creek Dr., to the north, so we will not have any through traffic on Rusk.
Upcoming neighborhood and City events:

October 27
PARD Open Space Master Plan Open House
October 29
13th Annual Round Rock Blue Santa Casino Party
October 30
Community Choir "Saturday Night, Dead or Alive"
November 6
Neighborhood Fair
November 8
PARD Open Space Master Plan Open House
November 20
Library Grand Opening
December 4-5
Community Choir Christmas Concerts

For more details see the City's web page at

Neighborhood Activities

Annual Halloween festival --  The Fellowship at Forest Creek will hold their annual Halloween festival and carnival at the church located on Gattis School across from the neighborhood.   The association has made a donation as a small gesture of appreciation for the use of the fellowship hall for our meetings.  The event will be held on October 31.  This event grows in popularity every year and is a nice alternative for the kids. All Rolling Ridge children are welcome.

An Invitation from Officer Robbie Cline
As you may be aware the Round Rock Police Department has gone through some Departmental restructuring.  The goal is to provide the citizens of Round Rock with more officers to do the type of job I have been doing for the past 2 yrs. I am remaining in the same area and will continue to be availiable to address your concerns.  The difference is that Patrol Officers are now permanently assigned to a specific sector and beat.  If you live south of Brushy Creek and east of S. Mays then you are in the -David- sector.
 I have enjoyed the relationship that I have developed with "my people". Now it is time for me to share the positive side of Police work with the other -David- sector officers.

I am hosting a small get-together to introduce the David sector Officers to some of "my people" who I have worked with over the past two years. The Department will be providing meat and cheese trays for sandwiches and would like for you to bring a side dish, snack, desert or drinks.  Anyone who lives or works in the David sector is welcomed to attend but I would appreciate your r.s.v.p. to assure there is enough for everyone and make sure we have what we need. Bring the kids, we will have a police K-9, stickers and goodies.

Date: November 2,1999
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Kenningham Park Recreation Bldg.
(turn north onto South Creek Drive, brown house and park located on the left).
rsvp @ 218-5526 or

See you there,

Neighborhood Christmas Lighting Contest --
Time to start planning your decorations for this event.  The exact date of the judging has not been set as of this newsletter but expect it to be in early December.  Winners of last year's contest were awarded prizes of $25, $15, and $10.   Remember, only association members and those members who did not win last year are eligible for the prizes.  

Spring Garage, bake, and hot-link sale - Plans are underway for this annual event which usually occurs in late March or early April.  The bake sale and link sale have been successful fund raisers for the association.  Further details will be announced at a later date.

Meet the candidates event - Plans are being made for an event co-sponsored by the association
to meet the candidates for the May election.  A similar event was held this spring and was well attended.

Miscellaneous . . .
The neighborhood association now has its own web page.  Thanks to Tom Conner for developing this page.  To view it, visit the following address: