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Winter 2000
Winter 2000     Volume 3, Issu 

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development.  All residents of Rolling Ridge are encouraged to either renew your membership or join as a new member. Renewals and applications will be distributed with this newsletter. If you do not receive the form please contact Rodney Howard at 255-6306 for a form.

School Bond Election

There is a Round Rock ISD bond election on February 12th.  See the RRISD web site ( for more information on the bonds.  Please remember to vote and let your voice be heard!  Early voting is through February 8th.  If you cannot early vote, we are in Precinct 424 and will vote at Gattis Elementary school on the 12th between 7 am and 7 p.m.  

December Meeting

Monday, January 10, 2000

The Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by its President, Rodney Howard.

Revisions or changes to the minutes of the last meeting were requested from members present, there being none, the minutes were approved.

Results of the Holiday Lighting Contest were announced, they were:

Mike Jones
1215 Leah
Suzan Cooper
1102 Ellis Cove
Joanne Gutierrez
1202 Jordan

Association Revenue
The first order of business was discussion of association revenue.    Revenue for the 1999-2000 year was reported at $2829.03.  Expenses were reported as $783.07. An additional amount of $1745.00 has been allocated for the following expenses as determined by the executive committee.

Holiday Lighting Contest Prize money
Funds for a New Years Eve Party
IRS Filing
Rolling Ridge Crepe Myrtle Planting
Monument Work
January Association Meeting
Garage Sale/Bake Sale in March
Children's Easter Egg Hunt,
Spring Ant Kill
Spring Association Meeting,
A Neighborhood  Summer Activity
Monument lighting bill

Review of Landscaping
The former plan with the City's Parks Dept. has been revised due to personnel changes within that department.  To accommodate those changes the association has applied for community partnership funding from the City of Round Rock.  At this time, the application has been approval by the Round Rock City staff.  City utility personnel have marked utility lines in preparation for planting.  The new funding process will necessitate moving the plant date from January 22 to Saturday, February 19.

Dr. Gaul, superintendent of the Round Rock Independent School District, gave a brief presentation and showed a video regarding the upcoming school bond election.  This bond election is for construction of new schools in the Round Rock community to address the current and projected growth in area schools. After the video, Dr. Gaul fielded questions from association members in regard to the bond issue.

Mr. R.C. Crawford, a candidate for District 52 State Representative introduced himself to members and gave a brief presentation.  Afterwards, Mr. Crawford addressed questions from members present.

Kelly Daniels from the Austin American Statesman was also present at the meeting.

Rodney Howard, Association President, gave an update on the Fall Fire Ant Kill, the Holiday Light Contest and participation in the New Years Party.  He also updated members on the new bank account opened for the Association.  The new account for association funds is at First Texas Bank in Round Rock.  The Rolling Ridge account was moved from Boatman's Bank when they started assessing fees/service charges on the account.  The account at First Texas is free.

Association members were updated on recent developments regarding SH130. Now allied with the SH130 effort is the Palm Valley Lutheran church, which would suffer a substantial negative impact if the western route were selected.   

CAMPO, an organization which makes recommendations regarding funding for specific road projects tabled approval of funding for SH130 at its last meeting until the Environmental Study was complete.  Rodney and a group of supporters for the eastern route gave a presentation at this meeting.  Association members also learned of the  "BEST" organization, of which Rodney is a member, and how its efforts have helped to reverse the City's decision on the route placement for SH130.  

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Neighborhood plans to plant Crepe Myrtles along Gattis School Rd.

The Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association is planning a tree planting on February 19th at 9:00 AM.  The holes are already dug for the trees and the city of Round Rock has the trees "in stock".  If you would like to help, please contact the Neighborhood Association at 682-6938 ext. 0006 or e-mail at

Also If you would like to support this project by "adopting a plant" the cost is $40.  Based on our plan provided by Garden's of Austin we will be planting 66 white crepe myrtles.  You can bring your check to Teresa Klabunde, Treasurer at 1218 Jordan or Rodney Howard at 1222 Leah.

Notes from the President

By Rodney Howard, Association President.
I would like to thank everyone for their interest and participation in all of the events that impact our neighborhood.  
I would like to encourage everyone to come out and help with the crepe myrtle planting on Saturday the 19th. I expect several City council members to be present along with the media as we are the first recipients of funds from the City's Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program.  The city is contributing approximately $1600 worth of plants, a custom valve to allow us to hook up to the fire hydrant for watering and they will pay for all water.  This is a first in the history of the city and their new approach to working with neighborhoods.  Come on out and be part of it.  This is a project where every home in the neighborhood gains from this beautification effort.
I would also like to encourage everyone to get out and support the School bond issue.  Passage of the bonds will directly fund 2 schools, 1 elementary and 1 middle school.  These schools will be very close to our neighborhood, once again increasing our home values and providing easy access for the neighborhood children to walk to school.
Our long struggle with SH130 is coming to an end. The last public hearing is on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Stony Point High School. Call Michele Messina, your vise president at 733-1290, if you need any further help on this topic.  It would be great if everyone could come on out and express your views on this traffic issue that will impact Round Rock and hopefully not Rolling Ridge for the rest of our lives.
Please contact me at anytime if you have any comments or concerns about how the association can work for the good of all.
Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Upcoming City events

February 5 & 12, 9:00-2:00 p.m.
Soccer Assn. Registration

February 10, 6:00 p.m.
SH 130 Meeting, Stony Point High School

February 18-19
Community Choir Madrigal Dinners

February 25-27; March 3-5
Library Mystery Night

March 4
Daffodil Days

For more details see the City's web page at

Neighborhood Activities

Gattis School Road Crepe Myrtle Planting
RRNA is planning a Crepe myrtle planting on February 19th.  The holes are already dug for the trees and the city of Round Rock has the trees "in stock".   The city will deliver the plants at 9:00 am on that Saturday morning. If you would like to help, please send e-mail to e-mail at or leave a message at 682-6987 ext. 8110. We expect the media and city council to be present. This is the first every City of Round Rock Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership project.

Spring Garage, bake, and hot-link sale - Plans are underway for this annual event which has been scheduled for March 25th.  The bake sale and link sale have been successful fund raisers for the association.  Further details will be announced at a later date. Start cleaning out those closets. Gina Schobinger will coordinate the bake sale.   Gina can be reached at 255-0241.Shawn Barker will coordinate the Link Sale.

Meet the candidates event - Plans are being made for an event co-sponsored by the association
to meet the candidates for the May election.  A similar event was held this spring and was well attended.

Mothers Group - Kerin Smith at 1224 Leah has a new baby and is interested in forming a mothers group.  She can be reached at 255-8135.

Miscellaneous . . .

President - Rodney Howard
Vice President - Michele Messina
Treasurer - Teresa Klabunde
Information Officer - Tom Conner
Secretary - Vicky Barber
Neighborhood Activity Chair -  Gina Schobinger

Rolling Ridge online:
Voice mail / Fax:
682-6987 ext. 8110

Always check the web site for the latest news and updates.