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Summer 2000

Summer  2000                                    Volume 3,  

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development.  Future issues will be limited to paid members. All residents of Rolling Ridge are encouraged to either renew your membership or join as a new member. If you have not joined, please contact Rodney Howard at 255-6306.

Professional Training at No Cost to Members

We have contacted Donna Jackson, the Neighborhood Academy coordinator for the City of Austin and she has arranged to bring some community training right to our doorstep.  That's right, at our next meeting we will receive training on  "Community Organizing".  We are allotting an hour for this training and from our previous experience with the Academy, this should be both enjoyable and informative.  So come on out and let's learn from a professional how we can make our community and our neighborhood even better than they are now.

Also, you should be proud to know that at the last neighborhood training we were represented at, our neighborhood association seemed to capture the attention of some of the other neighborhood leaders for the following efforts:

Maintaining such a high percentage of participation for a voluntary organization. (~60%)
Attaining city efforts to match funding for our landscaping effort.
Putting forth the effort to plan and conduct the landscaping.

If you are interested in attending any Neighborhood classes on Friday evenings or Saturday Mornings, please come to our meeting for more information or call Michele Messina, Association VP at 733-1290

Current Officers

President - Rodney Howard
Vice President - Michele Messina
Treasurer - Teresa Klabunde
Information officer --Tom Conner
Secretary - Vicky Barber
Neighborhood Activity Chair - Gina Schobinger

"Clean up Rolling Ridge" month and "Best Yard" contest

We will be taking advantage of some of the ideas that were brought up during a recently attended Neighborhood Academy class on "Neighborhood Beautification".  Next spring, we will have our first annual "Clean up Rolling Ridge" month.  During this month, all residents will be encouraged to improve the appearance of their property by tidying up their yard, planting new plants and flowers, landscaping, etc.  We will follow this up with a "Best Yard" contest.  Prizes will be awarded to the properties with the best yards.  Prizes will likely be gift certificates to businesses sell products for lawncare, landscaping, and general yard decorating.    

Landscaping Update

Sixty-Six crepe myrtles were planted in February. In late May, Glen Beeler, Richard Shephen, Council woman Isabel Gallahan and Russell Gallahan got together and spread mulch on all of the trees.  This will help with water conservation.
At this time we are discussing initiating a landscape work hour once a month.  If we get together once a month on the first Saturday, and spend a little time we will ensure our entryways will always stay in great shape.

Notes from the President:
By Rodney Howard, Association President.

I would like to start by saying congratulations to Isabel Gallahan on being elected to the City Council.  It is great to have neighbors willing to get involved in our community.  I know she will work hard for the entire city as well as interests in this quadrant of the city.

I would encourage everyone to consider turning in an application to the city to serve on one of their committees or boards.  I know that Isabel & myself have both done this in the past and it is very worthwhile. An application has been provided with this letter.

We are planning to have our next meeting in late August. At this time we are looking at August 28th or 29th depending on facility availability.

If you have any concerns or comments, please contact myself or any association officer.

REWARD! Vandalism of the Monument Lighting Fixtures

A few weeks ago the monument lighting was destroyed. A police report was made. We are seeking information concerning this unfortunate situation.  Since we do not carry insurance, we will have to pay for the repairs out of the association general funds.  The Executive Committee has approved the payment of a cash reward.

Additionally, we are seeking anyone with electrical expertise that could come forward to help consult on the purchase and repairs of necessary equipment to restore the monuments back to their original condition. Please contact Rodney Howard at 255-6306.

School related information
If you are new to the neighborhood, here is some information that may be useful. We are in the Round Rock ISD and our children attend Forest Creek Elementary, Hopewell Middle School or Stoney Point High School.  The RRISD main phone # is 464-5000.
The first day of school is Monday, August 14th.
Much of the construction immediately to the east of the subdivision is a new Elementary school and Middle School.  Expect these 2 schools to be open for our children in August of 2001.

For more details see the district's web page at

SH130 or SH!#)
Hey folks, a close vote at CAMPO in June, come to the meeting in August and we will talk about the future of SH!#).

Miscellaneous . . .
The neighborhood association now has its own web page.  Thanks to Tom Conner for developing this page.  To view it, visit the following address:

Always check the web site for the latest news and updates.