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Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association
Monday, August 28, 2000

The meeting of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association was called to order at 6:40pm.  Pizza and soft drinks were provided to members/guests attending.  

Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no revisions.  

New members and Guests were introduced.

President Rodney Howard presented an overview of revenue and expenses noting that the newsletter has generated advertising revenue.

Presently, the association has $800 in the bank with the annual membership drive coming up.  As a note Rodney pointed out the "new and improved" short form for membership registration.

Input was requested regarding upcoming neighborhood activities.  See recommendations below.
Consider irrigation for the Crepe Myrtles
Continuing the Christmas light contest
Continue Bake Sale and Garage Sale
Volunteers were requested for a Hospitality Director to coordinate some of the activities of the neighborhood.

There was discussion about the association setting long-term goals such as participation in Frontier Days.

Rodney asked for input regarding the monuments in the front area. Though vandals have destroyed the fixtures and wiring, the association still pays monthly utility charges.  The general consensus was to get the monument lighting operational and possibly utilize the talents of some of the members to keep repair costs down. Glenn Beeler indicated that he would try to get down to the monuments and try to begin to size the job.

There was a brief discussion on the market value of homes in the area.  Concern was raised in regard to the unkempt appearance of some lawns in the neighborhood as well as possible city ordinance violations in regard to boats in driveways etc.  

Rodney explained that we are a neighborhood association and our limitations. Those with concerns were directed city offices which may be able to assist them if city codes are being violated.

Michele Messina, VP, proposed that the association is sponsor a yard contest in the May to June time frame with possibly having the Mayor serve as Judge.  This could be a budget item. The attendees supported the recommendation and approvals were received to move forward on the project.

City Council Member Isabel Gallahan and Mayor Protem Earl Hairston attended the meeting as guest speakers and gave updates on several city issues.  Some of those issues were:
Tax Rate
City Budget (can be reviewed at the city library)
ACC Bond Issue (Will be on the January ballot)
Mayor Protem Hairston council seat will be up for re-election in 2001and
The Mayors meeting to be held on 9/19/00

The council members also fielded questions from association members

Public Service Announcements made by Rodney
The Caregiver Organization is in need of volunteers and Literature will be distributed for United Way in lieu of the association making a donation.

Front Entrance
Rodney addressed the matter of the Crepe Myrtles.  He has contacted the city and they in turn have contacted the Landmark Nursery.  The original agreement was for same species White Crepes..  The city delivered not only multi-colored, but also multi-species.  This will create a problem with uniformity, as some trees will grow to 6 feet and some to as tall as 20 feet.  The city is working with Landmark to resolve the matter. A plant trade out in Oct/Nov would be likely. The body agreed to puch forward with demanding that all incorrect plants be removed and replaced with correct color and species.  Rodney will follow up with the city and Landmark.

The state recommendation of an eastern alignment was shared with the group and Rodney was thanked for all his hard work on this issue.

Through the efforts and recommendation of Michele Messina, the Association hosted a professional training and community involvement from the offices of Neighborhood Services scheduled for 7:30 - 8:30. Donna Jackson was the instructor and offered many solutions to common neighborhood problems.

Upon completion of the training, the meeting adjourned at 8:20ackson and