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Fall 2000

     Fall  2000                                        Volume 3, Issue 3      

 Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News

This issue of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood News is being distributed to all households in the development.  Future issues will be limited to paid members. All residents of Rolling Ridge are encouraged to either renew your membership or join as a new member. If you have not joined, please contact Rodney Howard at 255-6306.


A big win for the Round Rock community, Rolling Ridge and its sister neighborhoods occurred on Monday July 17, 2000 when the TTA and the State recommended the eastern alignment for SH130.  This reversal was unprecedented and credit must be given to the neighborhood leaders, state officials and the Round Rock City Council for fighting this uphill battle tirelessly.

John Gordon put together a thank you dinner for elected officials at Gino's Restaurant on Friday August 25.  The purpose of this gathering was for the community to thank our elected officials who have helped in the realignment issue of State Highway 130.  Among those attending was Representative Mike Krusee, County Commissioner Greg Boatright, the Round Rock City Council, a representative from Senator Ogden's office and neighborhood leaders.  Rodney Howard, President, Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association and Vicki Barber, Secretary, Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association attended.

Letter from the President
By Rodney Howard

Congratulations to us because WE WIN.  We beat SH130, we were the first neighborhood to be awarded a $2000 matching grant from the city to help with our Crepe Myrtle landscaping, and we helped our neighbor, Isabel Gallahan, get elected to the City Council.  What more can you ask for from a voluntary association that only costs $15 a year?

I want to say thanks to everyone that helped out over the last 4 years with the State Highway 130 issue.   I heard many times from many people that SH130 was a lost cause, our homes would be bulldozed or become worthless and we didn't have a prayer.  Don't you feel good now that somebody fought on. I feel GREAT!  Everybody in Rolling Ridge is a winner because of the actions of a few.  We saved our homes, and our neighborhood.

It was good that we had a mutual goal to rally around. It gave us focus and a sense of purpose. Now we need to plan for the future. A member suggested at our meeting that we now need to make some long range plans and set some goals.   To help ensure the association has a vision, is moving forward in a direction that meets the needs of the membership and the neighborhood as a whole, Michele Messina, the Assoc. VP & myself will lead a goal setting team.  We need now 3 to 5 folks from the neighborhood to come forward now, to be part of this team. Please call me at 255-6306 to help on this team. We need to form this team, meet two or three times to generate ideas, research viability, and document our recommendations. We would like to be finished with this task and ready with our plan by the end of October.

We will be having our annual membership drive this month and would like to encourage everyone to join. Membership in the association is cheap and is voluntary. If you are new to the neighborhood, welcome, and we hope you will join.  If you are already a member, I hope you will renew that membership. If you have been here awhile and not joined in the past, I hope you take a step back, review our accomplishments, and acknowledge what the association has done for you by joining today.

This is my last year to serve as the association President.  The first 3 years have been challenging yet extremely rewarding. I know that others will recognize the benefits and step up to take more active roles in our association and it's leadership.  When called upon to serve, please do so willingly and cheerfully.  You won't regret it.

Current Officers

President - Rodney Howard
Vice President - Michele Messina
Treasurer - Teresa Klabunde
Information officer --Tom Conner
Secretary - Vicky Barber
Neighborhood Activity Chair - Gina Schobinger


The neighborhood association is planning a "Clean-up Rolling Ridge" month for next spring/summer.  We will designate one month to encourage beautification in the neighborhood.  This will be a good time for everyone to pitch in and get their yards cleaned up, do any landscaping, add decorative items, or plant a new flower, tree or plant.

This will be followed by a "Best Yard Contest".  We will shoot for around mid-June to allow enough time to get out and get some work done in the yard, yet beat the extreme heat and probable drought conditions.  


At our last association meeting, the Neighborhood Academy provided training on "Developing a Sense of Community".  At this training, members learned how to get and keep people interested in community organizations like our neighborhood association.
The Neighborhood Academy offers many other classes. They can be taken at their headquarters or brought to future meetings.  The ideas for our planned "Clean Up Rolling Ridge Month" and "Best Yard" contests were taken away from a previous training session on "Neighborhood Beautification".

If you would like more information on classes, contact our Vice President, Michele Messina, at 733-1290.


There has been some concern about parking in the neighborhood lately.  Here are a couple of ordinances from the City of Round Rock and a letter from the Code Officer for the City of Round Rock
It shall be unlawful for either the owner or the occupant of any lot in the city to place, maintain, or permit, or cause to be placed or maintained, any tree, plant, or object, on or in the area between the property line thereof and the curb line of any street abutting such property line in such a way as to obstruct the free passage on and use of that area by the public.
(1) It shall be unlawful to park a motor vehicle or trailer which is in excess of twenty (20) feet in length on any residential street for a period in excess of five (5) minutes; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply to motor vehicles or trailers being used to make deliveries or pickups from any residence, as long as the motor vehicle or trailer is not left unattended for a period in excess if five (5) minutes. (2) It shall be unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked on any public street in the City of Round Rock, Texas, a motor vehicle which is in excess of twenty (20) feet in length, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
The following is a response from Marion Hastings Code Officer for the City of Round Rock in response to and inquiry about vehicular parking:
There is an ordinance that prohibits parking trailers on the street in Round Rock. There are no restrictions on parking a properly registered automobile on the streets if it is not blocking a driveway, fireplug, etc. Carports have to be permitted and inspected by Building Inspections. Covers are permitted on automobiles; other things are on a case by case basis.
Here is a free video:
Editor's notes: In order to play this video, you will need to install a "plug-in" to your browser.  The web-site states that you will not be able to uninstall the plug-in once it is installed.  Please be careful with such things.
School related information

Construction continues on the new Middle school and new Elementary school just to the east of the Rolling Ridge neighborhood. Construction is on schedule and both schools are on target for opening by August 2001.  Names for these schools have not been chosen. Once the principals for those schools have been selected, they will seek input from parents and students in the area to choose names and mascots for the schools.

The current enrollment at Forest Creek Elementary is 1,014.  The "permanent" capacity (w/out portables), assuming a 22:1 ratio is 900. The current enrollment at Hopewell Middle school is 1,331. Permanent capacity is 1,000. The current enrollment at Stony Point High school is 1,960. Permanent capacity is 1,800.

The RRISD is looking at property off of Gattis just to the south of Round Rock Ranch as a potential new high school site. The district has indicated intent to purchase the land and is conducting due diligence on the property. If all goes as planned, the process should be completed within the next six weeks.

There is an upcoming staff development day for the District on October 9. Please go to the RRISD web site at to see the entire calendar as well as a wealth of other information.

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on the third Thursday of each month unless scheduled otherwise. The Board normally meets in closed session at 6:30 p.m., followed by a public session starting at 7:30 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, these meetings take place in the City Council Chambers of Round Rock City Hall at 221 E. Main Street in Round Rock, Texas.

Meetings are broadcast over Cable TV Access Channels 10 (Round Rock).

Agenda items are posted at the Administration Building at least 72 hours prior to each meeting. Citizens are invited to attend board meetings and may address the board regarding any agenda item. Citizens may also sign up at the meeting (before 7:30 p.m.) to speak regarding non-agenda items during the public communications section of the meeting. Each individual is allowed to speak for three minutes; an individual representing a group may take up to five minutes.

For more details see the district's web page at

Minutes: Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association, Monday, August 28, 2000

The meeting of the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood Association was called to order at 6:40pm.  Pizza and soft drinks were provided to members/guests attending.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no revisions.

New members and guests were introduced.

President Rodney Howard presented an overview of revenue and expenses noting that the newsletter has generated advertising revenue.

Presently, the association has $800 in the bank with the annual membership drive coming up.  As a note Rodney pointed out the "new and improved" short form for membership registration.

Input was requested regarding upcoming neighborhood activities.  See recommendations below.

Consider irrigation for the Crepe Myrtles
Continuing the Christmas light contest
Continue Bake Sale and Garage Sale

Volunteers were requested for a Hospitality Director to coordinate some of the activities of the neighborhood.

There was discussion about the association setting long-term goals such as participation in Frontier Days.

Rodney asked for input regarding the monuments in the front area. Though vandals have destroyed the fixtures and wiring, the association still pays monthly utility charges.  The general consensus was to get the monument lighting operational and possibly utilize the talents of some of the members to keep repair costs down. Glenn Beeler indicated that he would try to get down to the monuments and try to begin to size the job.

There was a brief discussion on the market value of homes in the area.  Concern was raised in regard to the unkempt appearance of some lawns in the neighborhood as well as possible city ordinance violations in regard to boats in driveways etc.

Rodney explained that we are a neighborhood association and our limitations. Those with concerns were directed to city offices that may be able to assist them if city codes are being violated.

Michele Messina, VP, proposed that the association is sponsor a yard contest in the May to June time frame with possibly having the Mayor serve as Judge.  This could be a budget item. The attendees supported the recommendation and approvals were received to move forward on the project.

City Council Member Isabel Gallahan and Mayor Protem Earl Hairston attended the meeting as guest speakers and gave updates on several city issues.  Some of those issues were:

Tax Rate
City Budget (can be reviewed at the city library)
ACC Bond Issue (Will be on the January ballot)
Mayor Protem Hairston council seat will be up for re-election in 2001and
The Mayors meeting to be held on 9/19/00

The council members also fielded questions from association members

Public Service Announcements made by Rodney
The Caregiver Organization is in need of volunteers and Literature will be distributed for United Way in lieu of the association making a donation.

Front Entrance
Rodney addressed the matter of the Crepe Myrtles.  He has contacted the city and they in turn have contacted the Landmark Nursery.  The original agreement was for same species White Crepes.  The city delivered not only multi-colored, but also multi-species.  This will create a problem with uniformity, as some trees will grow to 6 feet and some to as tall as 20 feet.  The city is working with Landmark to resolve the matter. A plant trade out in Oct/Nov would be likely. The body agreed to push forward with demanding that all incorrect plants be removed and replaced with correct color and species.  Rodney will follow up with the city and Landmark.

The state recommendation of an eastern alignment was shared with the group and Rodney was thanked for all his hard work on this issue.

Through the efforts and recommendation of Michele Messina, the Association hosted a professional training and community involvement from the offices of Neighborhood Services scheduled for 7:30 - 8:30. Donna Jackson was the instructor and offered many solutions to common neighborhood problems.

Upon completion of the training, the meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Miscellaneous . . .

Upcoming City Events

Please see the City's web site at for more information on these events:

October 6 & 7, Frontier Days

October 14, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 p.m. RR Community Choir Saturday Night Dead or Alive, McNeil HS

October 21, Starts 8 AM Outlaw Trail 100 Cycling Tour

October 21, Noon-7 p.m. Hairy Man Festival

October 27, 6:30-11:00 p.m. Sertoma Casino Night

October 28, Dark-11:30 Halloween Hayrides

December 8, 7:00-10:00 p.m. Christmas Family Night, Downtown

December 8, 6:00 & 8:30 p.m. RR Community Choir Yuletide Feast, Balcones Country Club

Volunteer Position Opening

The Rolling Ridge Hospitality Coordinator position is now available.  It is a terrific way to meet your neighbors and lots of fun too.  This position takes minimal volunteer hours with great rewards.  It consists of planning for the Santa visit, bake sale, egg hunt, and a few more fun activities for our neighbors throughout the year.  It is an ideal volunteer position for a stay at home mom that wants to meet other families with small children.  My family and I are moving in a few weeks, but I look forward to helping one of you get started.  
Please call Gina Schobinger at 255-0241 or email for more information.  

Neighborhood Playgroup

Rolling Ridge has a playgroup.  The playgroup meets on Fridays at 10:30 and we rotate at each other's houses, right now we have about 4 moms involved and children's ages range from 6 months to 4 years. Please contact Susan Cooper at 310-7167 or e-mail if you are interested or just want more information.

Be a Writer

If you would like to submit anything for the next newsletter, please e-mail it to  This could be anything from interesting things happening around the neighborhood or around town.  You may even like to write up a review about a local restaurant or a good place to take the family on Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  Or you may submit anything you would like to add to the newsletter.

RRNA on the Web

The neighborhood association has its own web page. To view it, visit the following address:

E-mail at

Fax or message at 682-6987 x8110